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Let's keep our parks strong in 2012!


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Grand Teton National Park
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Dear Reader,
Can you imagine ...
Campgrounds and visitor centers closed when visitors arrive?
School groups turned away for lack of rangers?
Not enough law enforcement rangers to prevent illegal drugs from being grown and sold on national park land?
Unfortunately, we may not have to imagine it, because it could happen soon in many of our national parks. 
NPCA's recent Made in Americareport makes it clear that our parks are paying the price for years of neglect and underfunding.
If our park system is allowed to fail, we stand to lose so much.
We can't let this failure happen, and we need you to help us prevent these great losses.
Think of an unprotected archaeological spot destroyed by looters.
Think of a critical historical site paved over for a new casino or superstore.
Think of future generations never getting to see a live pronghorn, grizzly bear, or wolf because they've been driven to extinction.
If these possibilities trouble you, then I hope you'll help today with a generous, tax-deductible donation to support NPCA's comprehensive, far-reaching work to protect the parks.
National parks receive only 82 cents of every dollar they need to operate effectively.
With pollution, climate change, and the spread of invasive species threatening some of our most spectacular land and water . . . with the very integrity of our national-park experience in peril . . . the support of friends like you becomes all the more critical to our long-term success.
In today's political climate, we can no longer rely on lawmakers in Washington, DC, for our only source of support. If we're going to safeguard America's parks for future generations,we need to be part of the solution.
With your help today, NPCA can make significant progress. Here are some of the ways we will put your gift to work in the months ahead . . .
Make the Case for National Park Investments

As Washington policymakers continue to hammer out ways to reduce our national deficit, NPCA will be there to make the case that healthy national parks are profoundly important and pay real dividends far beyond their miniscule share - just 1/13 of 1 percent - of the federal budget.
Safeguard the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF)

NPCA will be working with Members on both sides of the aisle to permanently fund the LWCF at its fully authorized level - protecting it from year-in, year-out budget battles and ensuring a sustained pool of resources for defending and improving our national parks.
Fend off Attacks on the Antiquities Act

NPCA will continue working with Congressional partners in both parties to protect this landmark law from attack.  At the same time, we will encourage President Obama to consider other places worthy of protection for his future use of the Antiquities Act.
The challenges we face are formidable, but no organization is better equipped to meet them than NPCA.
This past year alone, with the help of friends like you, we were able to:
  • Celebrate victory when Department of the Interior Secretary Ken Salazar decided to continue the ban on new uranium mining claims on more than one million acres of public lands surrounding Grand Canyon National Park;
  • Block a Walmart superstore on a privately owned portion of the Civil War Wilderness Battlefield in Virginia;
  • Spearhead the transfer of a prominent 49-acre bluff to Fort Davis National Historic Site in Texas; and,
  • Support the start of the restoration of native salmon runs in Olympic National Park's Elwha River.
That's why I hope you'll give as generously as you can to NPCA's 2012 park protection efforts today.

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Thomas C. Kiernan

P.S.  Together, we can make 2012 a time of unparalleled progress for our national parks.Please help advance NPCA's critical work for the parks today. Thank you!
Prefer to mail your gift? Please enclose this PDF donation form with your check.
Photo: Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, © Pdamai/

This message was sent by the National Parks Conservation Association.

E-mail us at, write to us at 777 6th Street, NW, Suite 700, Washington, DC 20001, or call us at 800.NAT.PARK (800.628.7275).
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Dog Dies After Home Burglary

Police Ask Public For Help To Find Gunman

POSTED: 10:37 pm EST January 27, 2012
UPDATED: 11:00 pm EST January 27, 2012

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Police in Dover said a home burglary took an alarming turn Thursday when the dog belonging to the family that lives in the home was shot and killed.

It was devastating for the family, who returned home to find the place burglarized and their dog shot.
The dog was still alive, and they tried desperately to save its life.

Investigators said the burglar or burglars forced their way into the home on Dover Point Road between 6 a.m. and 4 p.m. Thursday, stealing cash and firearms and shooting the dog.

Police said the family described their pit bull as a sweetheart. When they returned home, they found it shot in the chest area but still breathing.

'The dog was still alive, and they took it to the vet in an attempt to save its life. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. She died at the vet," Dover Police Department Lt. Brant Dolleman said.

Dover police called in a crime scene unit to process the scene for evidence, and the special investigations bureau is handling the case.

Anonymous tips are welcome on the Dover Crimeline at 603-749-6000, or by visiting

Read more: CLICK HERE


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redsox.comJanuary 28, 2012
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Tickets for 71 Red Sox games will be on sale -- and a limited number of 2012 Sox Pax still remain. Tickets for Opening Day and all games with the New York Yankees, as well as seating on the Green Monster and Right Field Bud Deck will again be sold via random drawings. Registration for the drawings will begin on Wednesday, February 1.
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Friday, January 27, 2012

Snowmobile Trail Report 01/27/2012

January 27, 2012 Update  

Camping World
Reciprocity Weekend Friday Saturday and Sunday with New Hampshire Maine and Vermont. Register your sled and ride in all 3 states. 
This current storm has dropped 1-5" depending on where you are. Northern areas are reporting fresh snow and grooming is ongoing and report that riding from Vermont to Maine is happening. Get out there and enjoy this Tri State reciprocity weekend.
Use caution in other areas of the state as there is water and ice. Stay off Lakes and Ponds.
Pittsburg- Trails are 100% open 1" new snow on a snow covered icy base. Grooming is ongoing, and conditions range from moderate to great. Watch for water bars, and rocks South of town and there could still be some problem areas and some areas are still closed and are posted as such. Please pay attention to all signage!  There are still logging operations going on. Perry Stream Rd is closed to snowmobile traffic and stay on the side of Magalloway Rd.; some shared roads and are posted 10 mph. Enforcement is Patrolling,  Lakes are still considered to be unsafe! For more details go to 
Camping World
Colebrook- Extremely Icy with a thin layer of snow cover to no base in the lower elevations Higher elevations have poor to fair riding conditions, watch for ice on bridges, deep water bars, rocks, etc Trail 3a remains closed Gates to town on 18 are open at this time, could close as current weather conditions continue Please ride with utmost caution.

Stratford- 100% open 1-4" base. Trails are groomed and riding is moderate. Stratford Bog area riding is okay. Potato Hill trail is closed due to logging. Use caution logging at jct of Corr 3 and 7. Watch for water bars.

Groveton/Nash Stream- 80% Open 2-3" base. Trails are groomed and riding is moderate. 5 South Temporarily Closed. 

Diamond Pond/Coleman State Park- 100% open 4" base. Trails are groomed and conditions are good to great. Several logging operations going on. Lake ice is marginal. Due to Furnace issues the bath house at Coleman is temporarily closed. Warming hut open Saturday and Sunday. Gas pumps open 24/7. For more details go to

Errol- 100% open 1-2" base. Trails are groomed and riding is moderate to good. Use Caution watch for ice.

Cambridge- 100% open.  1-2" base trails are groomed and riding is moderate. Watch for ice.

Milan- 100% open. 1- 2" base. Trails are groomed and riding is moderate. Icy Conditions

Berlin- 100% open 0-4" base.  Some trails are not groomed and riding is marginal. Caution watch for ice. For more details, go to

Berlin/Success- 100% open 1-2" base. Trails are groomed and riding is marginal to moderate. Watch for ice.

Gorham area- 60% open 1-2" base. Trails are groomed and riding is marginal.  Icy spots

Franconia Notch- 1-3" base. Trails are groomed and riding is marginal to moderate. Corr 11 North of Notch is not groomed and riding is marginal.

Campton/Thornton- 100% open. 2-3" base. Trails are groomed and riding is marginal to moderate. Corr 11 Rail line not groomed use caution.

Bear Notch- 100 % open 3-5" new snow on a 4-8” base. Trails are groomed. Riding is good to great. Watch for open water bars. Use caution and watch for mushers and skiers.

Conway/ Chatham- 1-2" new snow. Trails are not groomed and riding is marginal. Open water bars and icy base. RR Tracks south exposed. Use Caution.

Ossipee- 3" new snow on a 1-2" base. Trails are not groomed and riding is marginal. RR Tracks are not covered.

Wakefield- 3-4" new snow Trails are not groomed and riding is poor. Use caution RR Tracks not covered.

Pisgah State Park-  Riding Not available

Pillsbury State Park- Riding Not available

Sullivan- Riding Not available

Andover- Riding Not available

Rail Lines:

  • Northern: Thin to no base. Caution ice and water.
  • Ashuelot: No riding at this time
  • Fort Hill:  No riding at this time
  • Shugah River: No riding at this time
  • Concord to Lincoln:  No riding at this time

Additional Resources and Information

Please be safe and ride with caution.
Respect our landowners.
Watch speeds and stay to the right.

For more information contact 
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