Saturday, April 23, 2016

Recently Proposed New Hampshire Freshwater Fisheries Rules Adopted, Effective Immediately

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April 22, 2016
Fly fishingCONCORD, N.H. -- Recently proposed rules which impact some of New Hampshire’s freshwater fisheries rules have been approved and adopted, effective April 22, 2016.  One of the most noteworthy changes to the freshwater fishing regulations involves all New Hampshire portions of the Magalloway River. The new rules also affect the number of traps allowed for use by licensed bait dealers.

The Magalloway River will now be restricted to artificial lures and flies only, with a single-point hook and catch-and-release for all brook trout, regardless of size.....Continued

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The Insider's Guide to the Grand Canyon

Use these tips to avoid the crowds and take in all this magical place has to offer.

Autumn, when temperatures fall and the tourist hordes go home, is the perfect time to head to the Grand Canyon. Whether you have a weekend or a month, we've got options.

Car Camp
You don’t have to take all your vacation days to have a good adventure. For starters, you get a pretty damn good view of the canyon’s majesty from the National Park Service village along the South Rim. Skip the tourist vibe at El Tovar and the Bright Angel Lodge in favor of one of the campgrounds along the entrance road. The best is Mather, located within walking distance of the canyon and a general store (good for last-minute s’mores supply runs). Even on a busy Memorial Day weekend, you can ditch the bused-in gawkers at this quiet, wooded for more..

Watch: NH State Trooper Almost Struck by a Bus 4/21/2016

CONCORD, NH - The New Hampshire State Police took to Facebook yesterday to remind New Hampshire residents that the state has "move over" legislation in place so that officials don't get hit while at emergency stops on the highways.

According to the video, at before 10 a.m. on Thursday, April 21st, Trooper Michael Catalfamo of NHSP Troop D conducted a roadside investigation on I-89 and a consent search of a vehicle. Upon completing the traffic stop, Catalfamo attempted to return to his cruiser. At that time, a coach bus failed to move over or slow down when approaching Catalfamo.

The weather at the time of this incident was clear, traffic conditions were light and this section of roadway was straight, according to the post. The three cruisers on the stop had emergency lights activated and would have been visible for more than a mile. The bus came within inches the trooper, as shown in video provided by the Grantham Police Dept.

The operator of the bus was issued a citation for failure to obey.

The NHSP request that motorists obey the state's Move Over and Slow Down.


NH RSA 265:37-a. Motorist Duties When Approaching Highway Emergencies (Move Over Law). I. When in or approaching an incident involving a fire, collision, disaster, or other emergency resulting in partial or complete blockage of a highway, or a location where a police officer has made a traffic stop, every driver other than the driver of an emergency response vehicle, shall:
(a) Maintain a reduced speed.
(b) Obey the directions of any authorized person directing traffic and of all applicable emergency signals and traffic control devices.
(c) Vacate as soon as possible any lane wholly or partially blocked.
(d) Give a wide berth, without endangering oncoming traffic, to public safety personnel, any persons in the roadway, and stationary vehicles displaying blue, red, or amber emergency or warning lights.

10 Pound Backpack to Hike 100 Miles - Adventure Alan

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10 Pound Backpack to Hike 100 Miles - Adventure Alan

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Prejoyful - That’s the total weight of everything in my backpack—gear, food, water, and stove fuel. I used that 10 pound backpack to hike 100 miles (plus a few more) of the Appalachian Trail through Shenandoah...

12 Incredible Hikes Under 5 Miles Everyone In Virginia Should Take

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12 Incredible Hikes Under 5 Miles Everyone In Virginia Should Take

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Barbara Jennings - Crabtree Falls is the tallest series of waterfall on the East Coast. Crabtree Creek plummets nearly 1,080 feet down into the Tye River, causing a beautiful scene of cascades and rushing waters. Thi...