Friday, November 23, 2012

Salem NH Police Rescue Bald Eagle from Trap

Salem Patch

Dave has shared the following article from Salem Patch:
3328dc01655ccc8d7b2d6ef7dfbefe7a Salem Police Rescue Bald Eagle from Trap
The rare bird was caught in a beaver trap off Garabedian Drive....
An Eagle was unfortunately caught in a metal beaver trap on Thanksgiving day!
 Thanks to a pair of concerned hunters, Salem Police were able to rescue a snared bald eagle caught in a trap on Thanksgiving Day. Around 3 p.m. Thursday, Salem Police received a call from a man saying that he had found a bald eagle caught in a trap off of Garabedian Drive. The caller, James Ransom of Methuen, Mass., and a friend were scouting possible hunting areas when they came across the distressed eagle.
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